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My Name is Kevin Sherrod, this is small sample of my work.

Built: 2021

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Featured Projects.


As part of this expansion, we have partnered with The Midnight Mission, a human services organization in downtown LA, to create the first permanent Tide Loads of Hope Laundry Room - using the power of clean clothes to make a positive impact.


The new laundry room was built in partnership with Gensler Architecture, Clark Construction, and Whirlpool.



Robert Jernigan, Kelly Van Oteghem, Roger Sherman, Kevin Sherrod

Built: 2021


Gallery 90220—one of only a handful of black owned and operated gallery
spaces in the Los Angeles region, is on a mission to provide a safe space for
artists to  share their stories through creative expression.  

Art and activism have been connected throughout history. Gallery 90220
celebrates culture and creates physical space for artistic commentary on social
issues. The gallery was designed to elevate the lived experiences and collective
narrative of the community it serves, with many elements hand crafted by local
artists through vocational programming. 

Built: 2021


Chris Doerr, Wayne Thomas, Kevin Sherrod



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Built: 2021

Project X

The South Sea Pearl Studio speculates about the possibility of self-sustainable urbanism that balances and integrates the aims of culture, nature and business to reclaim the importance of intelligent ecology in 21st century urbanism. 


The Now Institute. Fellow

Thom Mayne, Eui-Sung Yi,

John Paul Salcido, Kevin Sherrod

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City Engine

Currently Santa Monica has accomplished (23%) of the current 2050 goal (set by the city); what’s more, the city can maximize efficiencies through bottom-up strategies (streamlining processes already in place). We estimate Santa Monica can reach 50% renewable energy with no intervention to the existing urban fabric by 2030.


The Now Institute. Fellow

Thom Mayne, Eui-Sung Yi,

John Paul Salcido, Kevin Sherrod


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Debbie Allen Dance Academy

Gensler partnered with the Debbie Allen Dance Academy to design its new Shonda Rhimes Performing Arts Center, a top-tier arts venue that supports the nonprofit organization's commitment to expanding the reach of dance and theater arts to enrich the lives of young dancers in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Built: 2022


Wayne Thomas, Ryan Ihly, Shawn Shin, John Reyna, Julia Ok, Kevin Sherrod

100 Buildings

Authored: 2018

An accessible primer to the most important architectural touchstones of our time by today’s leading architects and teachers of architecture.

Over fifty internationally renowned architects and educators—from Peter Eisenman and the late Zaha Hadid to Rafael Moneo and Cesar Pelli—were asked to list the top 100 twentieth-century architectural projects they would teach to students. The contributors were encouraged to select built projects where formal, spatial, technological, and organizational concepts responded to dynamic historical, cultural, social, and political circumstances. The capacity of these buildings to resist, adapt, and invent new typologies solidifies their timeless relevance to future challenges. 

The result is presented here in this unique volume: a master list of the top 100 “must-know” built works of architecture designed and completed between 1900 and 2000. Ranging from houses and apartment buildings to museums and buildings for education and government, the book offers a wealth of extraordinary works of design and construction and is an essential edition for anyone with an interest in architecture and design. 

The Now Institute:

Fellowship work

Jet Magazine Installation 

“What happens to any of us, anywhere in the world, had better be the business of us all." Mamie Till-Mobley. In Mamie Till-Mobley’s courageous fight for justice for her son Emmett Till after he was brutally lynched on August 28, 1955, she took action and organized to have Jet Magazine publish the photos of her 14 year old son captured by Black Photographer David Jackson in the Chicago funeral home on September 15, 1955. As depicted in Chinonye Chukwu’s 2022 feature film TILL, these images galvanized communities nationwide and transformed the moment into a catalyst for the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s.

Organized by K Period Media Foundation and Lead With Love with support from Orion Pictures, United Artists Releasing and TILL, the ‘Impact of Images’ collection features moving work captured by Black Photographers Gordon Parks, Kwame Brathwaite, Ernest Withers, Devin Allen, Noémie Marguerite, Moneta Sleet Jr., Colby Deal, Reggie Cunningham, Delaney George, Stacy Revere and more. The collection also includes personal photos from the families of Emmett Till and Mamie Till-Mobley and Medgar and Myrlie Evers.

Rooted in revolutionary love, transformative justice, radical art, hope and healing, the ‘Impact of Images’ campaign looks to honor the power of images like those featured in Jet and the influence of Mamie’s leadership by uplifting influential Black Photographers across generations, supporting organizations fighting for justice and equality like the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation and Black Voters Matter and empowering Black-owned businesses and spaces like Jet Magazine and Gallery 90220.

excerpt from K Period Media

Built: 2022

The Money Train

The Project – “ Rail to Table "– The Money Train 

This project explores a new and innovative, "rail to table" model. We propose the use of existing rail line infrastructure, specifically Los Angeles Metro's blue line, to deliver fresh produce to communities along the route. Additionally, the rail line would be attached to a hydroponic growing facility (much like a grain elevator), and closely connected to markets or stores for consumer purchase.  


This rail-to-table model has the potential to remedy some of our most intractable issues, including climate change, environmental injustice, and food insecurity. Retro-fitting a single rail car is a cost-effective method to reduce the local carbon footprint associated with the local delivery of goods. At its core, this project endeavors to address complex, contemporary challenges, and reconnect communities that have been historically fragmented and upended as a result of transit-oriented segregationist policies and practices. This exploration will use Los Angeles Metro's blue line as a pilot for its proximity to existing warehouses and travel through urban centers including downtown Los Angeles, Watts, Compton, and Long Beach. Additionally, the blue line's proximity to K-12 schools and community colleges creates accessible vocational training opportunities.  


To increase the validity of this exploration, this studio will have an advisory panel made up of community and market leaders including Rashaad Lambert (Senior Vice President - Forbes), Logos Development, Jason Riffe of the United Way grow company Plenty, to help guide the project teams

Adv. Topic Studio @ USC School of Architecture


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Kevin Sherrod

Los Angeles CA


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